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Civil engineering

Civil engineering for roads

Civil Engineering

Highway Civil Engineering is establishing a great track record in groundworks and major civil engineering projects, ranging from turnkey construction projects to social and private housing developments.

More increasingly, At Highway Civil Engineering we find ourselves in emerging into very important leading roles as the main or sub-contractor. Our scope of works embrace every aspect of the construction cycle from the initial site survey to liaising with the Project Engineer on:-

  • Land maximisation
  • Re-profiling the earthworks to required design levels
  • Drainage and roads
  • Foundations and buildings
  • Ground floor slab
  • Surfacing Finishing touches

For a young company, Highway Civil Engineering are earning a enviable reputation as a quality provider, solving complex problems but moreover, for successfully delivering projects on either a stand-alone basis or as part of a consortium, offering a larger package to major contractors, local authorities and consulting engineers. Our one stop shop approach is supplemented by an extensive training & development programme ensuring that all site staff “get it right first time”. Highway Civil Engineering management and contract team are gaining valuable experience in all aspects of civil engineering and are building a wealth of resources to call on including; our quest to have our own In House Training, Health & Safety and Surveying Departments, enabling us to meet all requirements demanded on any size of contract.

Road Repairs and Maintenance

We service few frameworks with Highway Authorities where we offer a range from hand to machine lay of asphalt materials. Highway Civil Engineering do any solution of Tarmac/Asphalt materials ranging from Domestic Driveways, Carparks, Council Adoptable Roads and Footpaths. We also undertake Major Civils and Infrastructure projects. We are fully committed to NHSS 16 which we are accredited by UKAS through Ocean.

Road Markings

Highway Civil Engineering is making a name in road surface markings. We are NHSS 7 approved, accredited by UKAS. Delivering excellent customer service is at the forefront of our company, which is why we offer a comprehensive list of services, including:


Thermoplastic is well known for its hard-wearing, durable qualities, the most common material, as it fully complies with British Standards performance requirements. For applications where thermoplastic may not be the best option, such as factories and warehouses, Highway Civil Engineering uses other materials such as epoxy, acrylic, MMA paint and chlorinated rubber paint.

Highway Civil Engineering lining and marking services are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:


We aim to be one of the market leaders in this industry and with our dedication, unwavering quest for quality delivery, we can see that goal in sight.

Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS)

Highway Civil Engineering install and repair all types of Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) that are fully compliant with BS EN 1317 and non-proprietary systems. We use various suppliers approved by Highway England for the VRS we install on motorways and trunk roads.

Steel and Aluminium Parapets

At Highway Civil Engineering we install and repair a variety of steel and aluminium parapet products from H4a through N2, N1 and transitions which are compliant with BS EN 1317. We also repair existing BS 6779 parapets that require remedial work due to decay or road traffic accidents. The parapets can be painted, or powder coated if required. We also offer retro-fit height extensions, anti-access panels, pedestrian guardrail and can undertake specialist projects.

General Fencing

As a company we also install a plethora of fencing in accordance with BS 1722, which includes but is not restricted to :-
Strained post and wire, Post and rail, Security fencing, Chainlink fencing, Deer, Rabbit, Badger and Newt fencing.

Highway Civil Engineering is compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and the National Highway Sector Schemes 2A and 2B for:

The Supply, installation and repair of fencing in accordance with NHSS

For the design, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of vehicle restraint systems.


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