Countryside Services

Countryside services

Countryside road services

Countryside Services

Most of our carriageways in particular the dual carriageways are in the countryside where green zones and a lot of wildlife is impacted.

A lot of maintenance is required to make sure both vegetation along the carriageways and wildlife is looked after without impacting the ecosystem. This is very dear to us at Highway Civil Engineering as part of our overall responsibility to the environment. We have a range of programmes which we undertake to maintain and protect the environment and the carriageway.

  • Reactive Maintenance includes responding to inspections, complaints or emergencies eg filling potholes, clearing and making safe damage resulting from traffic accidents
  • Routine Maintenance includes surface patching work, cyclic activities such as grass cutting, weed spraying, gulley cleaning, road sweeping and maintenance of planted areas and trees within the highway
  • Programmed Maintenance is normally carried out to a planned schedule and includes surface dressing, resurfacing, strengthening or reconstruction of roads or footways. It also includes kerbing and road drainage improvement
  • Winter Services which seek to keep the network functioning safely by salting and clearance of ice and snow
  • Emergency Response to weather and other emergencies affecting the highway network
  • Regulating and Inspecting:
  • the activities of others within the road network
  • cutting back epicormic growth around the base of tree
  • small tree works (low branch removal, felling, planting, stump removal)
  • hedge trimming, sign clearance, sightline clearance, footpath encroachment,
  • carriageway encroachment, strimming
  • clearing brambles, stinging nettles and vegetation from edges of footpaths.
  • hand pulling weeds
  • debris collection particularly fallen branches

Litter Picking

Litter is a huge problem across the UK, and to ensure your premises doesn’t fall foul of it, make sure you employ Highway Civil Engineering services of our professional litter picking team. Here Highway Civil Engineering, we administer professional clean-up solutions for motorways and trunk roads across the nation. We also cover, Local Authorities carriageways, premises – whatever your business is, ensure you keep it pristine and presentable for your visitors all year round.

Highway Civil Engineering Ltd, after being assessed by Ocean, the company’s quality management system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and the National Highway Sector Schemes 18A and 18C for:

Design, Planning, Management and/or Application for Arboricultural Activities design & planning application of arboricultural work and mechanical tree and vegetation.

Design, Planning, Management and/or Application for Landbased Activities design & planning of Litter picking activities.

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