Highway Civil Engineering specialises in most areas- whether itsa a problem with a blocked drain, gully, toilet/ sink, or anything else we offer a fast and reliable service to both domestic and commercial premises. As a company we use various techniques i.e. rodding and high pressure water jetting units and can quickly establish the cause and provide advice on how best to solve the problem in the most effective way.



CCTV units are critical useful tool for us to expertly assess the condition of a drainage system and can carry out a full inspection, which enables us to locate any defects in the line that may or could cause a problem. We can then recommend any remedial works to fix the line in most efficient way with the least amount of disruption. Highway Civil Engineering can also provide a full written report of the survey including a copy of the camera footage if required for insurance purposes.


If there is a problem with your drains, we offer different ways in which to carry out the repairs. Excavation is the traditional method used, where we would locate and dig down on the collapsed or damaged section of pipe and replace it with new pipe, fixtures and fittings. We also offer a Drain Re-lining service, this is a ‘no dig’ method and a solution to repair drains without the need of excavation. Highway Civil Engineering install a fibre glass sleeve cut to size that bonds to the inside of the original pipe, essentially creating a new pipe inside the old one. Its important to take not of that, not all repairs can be done just by installing a liner, but this is the most cost-effective and convenient way to repair a drain, and can be very useful to cover over cracks/holes in the system. We are also on the Street works qualification register (SWQR) which enables us to carry out repairs in the public highway.



From new build sites to extensions, we can offer a wide variety of solutions to any drainage problems you may come across. By connecting and installing new lines, gullies and manholes on to existing systems weather foul, storm or combined. We also install soakaways, Aco drainage (surface water) and land drains.

We are also on the Street works qualification register (SWQR) which means we can connect and install new lines in to main sewers in the public highway.



If you are experiencing flooding within your property/premise we can provide a solution to this problem. If the area is paved i.e. driveways/patios we can install surface water drainage (aco drainage) which will allow the water to drain away into ether an existing system or soak-away. If it is area with lawn which is liable to flooding we can install land drainage and again connect it into an existing system to allow the water to drain away.

Highway Civil Engineering is establishing a great track record in groundworks and major civil engineering projects, ranging from turnkey construction projects to social and private housing developments. More increasingly, At Highway Civil Engineering we find ourselves in emerging into very important leading roles as the main or sub-contractor.

Our scope of works embrace every aspect of the construction cycle from the initial site survey to liaising with the Project Engineer on:-

  • Land maximisation
  • Re-profiling the earthworks to required design levels
  • Drainage and roads
  • Foundations and buildings
  • Ground floor slab
  • Surfacing Finishing touches

For a young company, Highway Civil Engineering are earning a enviable reputation as a quality provider, solving complex problems but moreover, for successfully delivering projects on either a stand-alone basis or as part of a consortium, offering a larger package to major contractors, local authorities and consulting engineers. Our one stop shop approach is supplemented by an extensive training & development programme ensuring that all site staff “get it right first time”. Highway Civil Engineering management and contract team are gaining valuable experience in all aspects of civil engineering and are building a wealth of resources to call on including; our quest to have our own In House Training, Health & Safety and Surveying Departments, enabling us to meet all requirements demanded on any size of contract.

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