Highway Maintenance

Highway maintenance

Road maintenance

Highway Maintenance

Many aspects of highway maintenance have been transformed over the last sixty years.

This has been driven by the development of computerised highway asset management systems, the development of analytical methods of assessing road surface condition, the development of new materials, changes in public sector procurement to bring in the private sector and improved integration with other transport policy areas.

Highway maintenance has embraced these changes but the decisions made by the highway engineer are still at its heart and perhaps this has not changed at all. Roads remain one of the most important physical assets for which public authorities are responsible. Effective maintenance and management is crucially important to both users and the community at large and its safe and efficient operation provides vital support to the national and local economies. (THE CHARTERED INSTITUTION OF HIGHWAYS & TRANSPORTATION). Highway Civil Engineering LTD is a specialist in this are through various frameworks across the country.

We offer the following:

  • Operating, maintaining and transporting construction equipment
  • Removing unsafe obstacles such as rocks and fixing guardrails
  • Warning and directing traffic during repair operations
  • Operating, maintaining and transporting construction equipment and supplies
  • Using a wide range of tools alongside an excellent knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • Installing a variety of specialist surface treatments to improve safety and provide decorative finishes
  • Maintaining road networks in winter. This requires major resources and therefore requires careful decision making
  • Doing very different tasks depending on the time of year.¬†On major schemes, some of these activities may be carried out by specialist contractors we subcontract where we outsource contracts.
  • Using machinery to sweep debris from surfaces and structures
  • We spread sand, asphalt, gravel and clay to build and maintain surfaces
  • Cleaning and repairing drainage systems, bridges, tunnels and other structures
  • Installing and repairing guardrails, road lighting and other features
  • Performing roadside landscaping including clearing weeds and trimming trees
  • Painting traffic control lines
  • Applying oil to road surfaces
  • Inspecting equipment and materials to identify resolve defects

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