Kerb and Verge

Kerb and Verge

Road surfacing

Kerb and Verge

As Highway Civil Engineering LTD part of managing the highway network it has been contracted to do, we maintain and inspect a lot of footways, or pavements.

Because of our expertise and high standard of work, we have to help the local authorities to prioritise the work need doing according to the risk posed and their budget. It requires a great deal of research and analysis and it’s an area we thrive on.

We do regular inspections and maintenance enabling us to catch faults quickly before they cause major cost or inconvenience to the local authority. During inspection, any defects found are recorded and assessed for risk. Remedial action is then arranged, costed and approval sort before any work commences. Such defects include anything from overhanging trees, potholes and misaligned kerbs to illegal obstructions and drainage problems.

Emergency defects are made safe or repaired within the time frame agreed in the contract, usually 24 hours. All other defects are dealt with within different timeframes, depending on priority. This can be anywhere from 28 days to six months. All according to various local authorities requirements. Below are just few examples:

  • Footpath reconstruction requirements
  • Crossover wing lengths and widths
  • Street tree and utility asset offsets
  • Stormwater drainage requirements
  • Max / Min crossover widths
  • Requirements to remove old crossovers
  • Reinstatement of kerb and verge
  • Concrete specifications

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