Construction Training Schemes Policy

Only registered and suitably qualified workers may enter the construction site. All workers must hold a valid safety passport. The safety passport recommended by this organisation is the CSCS card.

Workers should demonstrate competence in at least the following areas:

  • introduction to health and safety, environmental considerations, and safe systems of work
  • workplace safety access, egress, emergencies, vehicles, equipment and machinery
  • accidents: prevention and reporting, first aid
  • hazardous substances: COSHH
  • manual handling
  • noise at work.

CSCS cards will be checked that they are valid, with Smartcards read in the appropriate reader or by calling the CSCS Helpdesk on 0344 994 4777.

All workers should have passed the CITB Health Safety and Environment Test.


Shandi Makandeni

Managing Director      Last reviewed: 15/01/2020      Next Review Date: 14/01/2021