Protecting the Public Policy

Statement of Intent

We have a duty when planning for and working on site to consider the protection of the public and especially children. We recognise that the construction design and management regulations gives us a specific responsibility to protect the public from hazardous activities.


We will make arrangements to comply with our legal responsibilities by:

  • nominating an individual member of management to take responsibility for protection of the public
  • considering the protection of the public when preparing the Construction Phase Plan and site risk assessments
  • providing suitable signage
  • preventing public access to the site both when work is taking place and out of hours by ensuring the site is left in a secure and safe condition — and especially so when the site is in a public or residential area
  • co-operating with and explaining our arrangements and procedures to all parties on the site
  • ensuring that these procedures are adopted by all parties
  • monitoring and reviewing our systems with the aim of making improvements to the way we manage public protection such as additional security measures.

The person nominated with responsibility for overseeing these arrangements is ____________.

Our Action Plan

To protect the health and safety of the public from the risk of our activities we need to:

  • consider public protection issues when preparing the Construction Phase Plan and in subsequent risk assessments
  • take account of official and professional guidance
  • display signs at the site entrance(s) warning that unauthorised access is not permitted and that all visitors are to report to the site office
  • whenever possible, fence the entire site using 2m high demountable fencing or close hoarding to prevent children and others gaining access to the site
  • remove or “board over” ladders to prevent access onto scaffolds and towers
  • where there is an obvious hazard of children gaining access to scaffolding, secure the area with additional 2m high fencing or hoarding local to the working area and physically remove the ladder access
  • protect excavations with rigid barriers of a type that will keep children away from this danger and secure manhole covers; additional local fencing to protect the excavation should be used if required
  • secure or totally immobilise all plant in the compound, so that it cannot move even if brakes are released
  • store materials at low level on firm, flat ground; items such as manhole rings should be stored horizontally and damaged brick packs broken down and restacked
  • ensure loose material such as sand or spoil heaps have very gentle batters to their slopes
  • consider if additional measures such as the use of security staff are appropriate
  • establish procedures for the site manager to regularly review and decide exactly what security measures are needed to ensure the safety of the public and children in particular.