Traffic Management

Traffic management

Traffic management

Traffic Management

Street Works (12D) -Low Speed Traffic Management

For us our Street Works service covers traffic management in low speed, urban and suburban areas. Whether the requirements are a permit application, temporary signage or a long-term road closure, it all falls within our expertise. The products listed here are just some of our extensive service. As a company we aim to be one of the market leaders for the 12D street works traffic management on rural & urban roads. With the current frameworks we are on, we offering Street Works traffic management to various local authorities that has a need to work on the highway of 40mph or less.

We work alongside many clients, e.g. gas, electricity or water companies to provide traffic management systems from manned road closures to a simple road narrows and anything in between. As well as during resurfacing of local roads.

We deal with all sorts of bespoke and special requirements. Temporary traffic light systems include 2,3,4 and up to 8-way, or double headed lights. Our small works team in accordance with NHSS 12D will provide:

  • Traffic Management design including AutoCad layout drawings
  • Bespoke event signing
  • Road closures & signed diversions
  • Mobile works (single vehicle or stop/go arrangements)
  • Temporary traffic light arrangements (single or multi-phase)
  • Convoy working
  • Lane closures
  • Contraflows

High Speed Traffic Management 12A/B/C

Highway Civil Engineering has the capacity to provide any aspects of traffic management, from standard (Long duration)to relaxed (overnight) work. Working very closely on various areas of the motorways across the country and we have become quite a household name in a short period of time. Building a huge reputation stark of safety as the cornerstone of our service.

We have built a huge, wide understanding of the motorway network both locally and nationwide by recruiting experienced operatives and supervisors in each area.  Highway Civil Engineering are fully accredited to provide 12C MLC (mobile lane closures) on motorways and dual carriageways and with our great number of trained operatives as well as a fleet of dedicated 12C vehicles both truck mounted and trailers, we are poise for great growth in the coming years.

Highway Civil Engineering Ltd are certified by Ocean Certification Limited after assessing our quality management system and finding us in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and the National Highway Sector Schemes 12A/12B, 12C and 12D for:

The installation of temporary traffic management – incorporating and not incorporating contraflow and/or temporary road markings – in accordance with National Highways Sector Schemes 12A/12B

The establishing and removal of mobile road closures ? dual carriageways with or without hard shoulders and motorways ? in accordance with National Highways Sector Scheme 12C

The installing maintaining and removing of temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads ? moving works, static works, dual carriageways <50, convoy works, multiphase traffic signals – in accordance with National Highways Sector Scheme 12D

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